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A Javascript Router based on History.js

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RouterJs: easy routing for your ajax Web applications

RouterJs is a simple router for your ajax web apps. It's build upon History.js which means that RouterJs supports the HTML5 History Api with a fragment fallback for HTML4 browsers. Highly inspired by the Backbone Router it also supports passing parameters with :param and splat parts with *splat


//Instanciate the router
var router = new Router();

//Define some routes with their respective callback function
router.route('/posts/:id', function(id){ console.log(id)});
router.route('/route/*path', function(path){ console.log(path)});
router.route('', function(){ console.log("Default route")});

* Navigate to route
* the navigate method takes two extra argument trigger and replace
* trigger is by default true and replace is by default false

router.navigate('/posts/23', false); //ommit calling the callback
router.navigate('/route/to/heaven', true, false); //without history traceback

//Navigate throught the History
router.go(2); //forward navigation
router.go(-3); //backward navigation